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The revolution of salt in the haute cuisine with Paco García at the radio chain “SER”

16 May 2012

The salt has spearheaded a revolution in haute cuisine. We have gone from using table salt and fat to be able to choose among many varieties of salt, each with its own personality and flavor like the peculiar liquid crystals, smoked and the Himalayas. In Andalusia magnificent salts are produce throughout the coast, mainly in the San Fernando, Cadiz. You can know more about the salt with Paco Garcia in the SER.



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The Marbella red mullets with organic artichoke with the new winter menu

25 January 2017

In the new winter menu, the Chef JJCarmona incorporates an interesting dish of Marbella red mullets with organic artichokes from Coín.       The proposal is one of the riskiest and most protruding of the season, although without surprises because El Lago keeps true to the line and concept that Paco García has followed […]

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El Lago has been boosting malaga suckling goat for almost ten years

13 December 2016

El Lago started the impulse of the malaga suckling goat in 2009, when it came to an agreement with the Spanish Association of Malaga Goat Breeders  to broadcast this product in the main gastronomic forums. The first dish with malaga goat which was introduced to the restaurant’s Menu was the goat and foie hamburger with […]

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Our director, Paco García, celebrates his 20 years in the business

14 November 2016

The Director and creator of the concept of our restaurant, Paco García, is one of the main ideologists of the ascent of the Haute-Cuisine of Andalusian inspiration and is celebrating his twenty years in the business. His role in the evolution of the Haute-Cuisine, in Marbella, as in Málaga and the rest of Andalucía, has […]

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