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3 July 2018

Midi, which stands for midday in French is the new lunch offering by the restaurant El Lago. It is themed as an informal, healthy and flavourful offering with a bright and jolly presentation.

This concept begins due to the will to exploit the beautiful setting offered by the Greenlife Golf Club House during the day hours. It is a beautiful location, on the shores of a lake, surrounded by mountains and with views of the sea. Which creates the perfect atmosphere to relax and enjoy.

The menu offered by Midi is inspired by the philosophy behind El Lago, which is directed by Paco Garcia and has Juan José Carmona as its main Chef. This is a philosophy of commitment to the most exquisite local products. It also brings back some of the most classical and renown offerings of the Michelin star night-menu of El Lago.

El Lago which, was born eighteen years ago and brought the Michelin Star back to Marbella, has always offered a light midday menu focused on quality snacks. This is due to the requirements of the golf players who use it. This menu has now been developed to create Midi.

Midi has all the magic of the El Lago experience but does this during the day, employing the terrace of the Greenlife Golf Club House as it’s main stage. This is a unique setting in Marbella due to its incredible views and the possibility to be used almost all year long. It is a place where one can enjoy the lake’s ecosystem. Many children enjoy this space by feeding the carps. It is also a beautiful place in which to be during the summer due to its calmness, away from the bustle of the beaches. This is Midi, a magical offering to enjoy with friends, family and even with romantic dates.

The Menu!

Midi’s menu retains some of the classic snacks such as: the Club Sandwich, the Caesar Salad and Burger and adds other gastronomic proposals.

Midi has also brought back three dishes from the night menu which are the: the emblematic Semi-dried tomato with Coín cheese cream and quince; and a dish from the restaurant’s history which has been brought back due to popular demand Quail with fried peppers cream and sweet black pudding.

The rest of the dishes have been crafted to bring pleasure to all types of guests, some have been created with sharing in mind such as the ratte potatoes with salsa Brava and aioli. Other dishes have more complex designs such as the fish ceviche with lime and coriander or the reimagined garlic chicken with straw-fries. This is the favourite dish of Paco García who believes in its exquisite simplicity.

In the dessert department we have preserved some of our more successful offerings such as the White chocolate cylinder with raspberry sorbet  and have also introduced very healthy ones such as the: Strawberries with curd, basil and cream ice-cream or the delicious Millefeuille with cream.

Midi has a very flexible price which oscillates between 35 and 40 euros per person. This depends on the aim of the meal. A gastronomic meal with wines would increase the final price while a snack-type lunch with beer would reduce it. Whatever the focus a high quality in the product and service is guaranteed to ensure that the guests enjoy their experience.




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