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El Lago TV

The gastronomic getaway from Restaurante El Lago

Roberto Caballero interviews in the programme Ahora Marbella El Lago´s director, Paco García, who explains everything about the gastronomic getaway which offers the restaurante during autumn and winter. A propose where clients who stay at Greenlife´s accommodation can cppcl part of the menu with the chef Diego del Río in El Lago´s kitchen, as well as a wine tasting with Paco García.

El Lago Restaurant in Marbella Luxury Summer

The Restaurant El Lago is the topic of a report of the programme Marbella Luxury Summer where the chef Diego del Río presents the history and the interpretation of the andalucian food in El Lago. You can apreciate the excellent situation the restaurante in this report, in the middle of the golf course of Greenlife and next to the fantastic lake, in the most exclussive area of Elviria, Marbella.


Cocina de Autor 7 km.0

Video about the gastronomic week – Cocina de Autor 7, Km. 0.


Program Ahora Marbella

Diego del Río, chef of El Lago, has been interviewed by Roberto Caballero in the program “Ahora Marbella Television” about the event “Cocina de Autor 7, Km. 0”.


The Director Paco García has been interviewd in the program Más Cosas de TV Marbella

Press conference of the presentación of “Cocina de autor 7 Km.0” TV


The kitchen with Restaurant El Lago´s roots in Canal Sur TV

Diego del Río, responsible for the flavor associated with the first restaurant in Marbella with a Michelin star, explained his understanding of textures and flavors, always inspired by traditional dishes from Malaga.

10 th Aniversay of Restaurant El Lago

The 8 restaurants of Andalusia with a Michelin star joined the Restaurant El Lago to develop together an unforgettable Menu.


6th cocina de autor

Video of the Presentation of the Sixth Day of cocina de autor for the restaurants nominated to get the Michelin star.


5th cocina de autor

Video of the Presentation of the Fifth cocina de autor which has had the theme “hard times”. Each chef prepared a menu with the cheapest products on the actual market.


Report of the program Andalucía Directo

Report of the 6th cocina de autor and the 10th aniversary of the restaurant.


Report of the pairing of wines and cheeses

The best pairings of two andalusian products: Wine and Cheese


Recipe for a second course:

Pepper Salmorejo with Octopus.


Report New Years Eve

How a 1 star Michelin restaurant prepares a New Years Eve dinner.