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El Lago restaurant invites all Marbella radio channel stars!

16 May 2013 - The restaurant El Lago Marbella just met the stars of all improtant Marbella city Radio channels to discuss the role of the media in the present and its future. The forum brought together the great voices of all important radio channels of Marbella...

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Basque culinary center

Diego del Río has presented 5 signature dishes at Basque Culinary Center

19 April 2013 - The effort we make of promotion and protection of the most exclusive products from the andalusian pantry and specifically of Malaga, is still spreading and creating interest in great international food forums. Chef Diego del Río has presented our work to...

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Photograph by Wayne Chasan

Easter Holidays

20 March 2013 - Opening during Easter!!! This year 2013 during Easter time the Restaurant El Lago will open as well on Mondays. You will be able to enjoy special offers at the restaurant, Golf, Driving Range etc. ...

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Diego del Rio, Restaurant El Lago Marbella

The chef of restaurant El Lago Marbella, Diego del Río, is awarded as the best Chef by Paul Schiff

28 January 2013 - The chef of El Lago Marbella, Diego del Río, has been awarded with the Paul Schiff award for "The Best Chef" granted by the Academy of Culinary Málaga in recognition of his contribution and promotion of high Andalusian cuisine in the world. The award...

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