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A young and dynamic team formed by the hostelry school of La Consula in Malaga, who brought up the restaurant to the elite of the Andalusian gastronomy.

Paco Garcia

Paco García – Manager

Born in Malaga, he comes from a family long associated with the catering trade. Part of the 2nd promotion of Malaga School of Catering La Consula, this is where he discovered his real vocation for the profession. After completing his studies, he went on to finish his practical training at various restaurants and hotels along the Costa del Sol, Scotland and Germany.

In 2000 Restaurante El Lago was inaugurated, bidding for a modern and daring quality kitchen. Over the years, Restaurante El Lago has become a landmark of Andalusian cuisine, being awarded a Michelin star in 2005.

Juan Jose Carmona

Juan José Carmona – Master Chef

Juan José Carmona is a young cook from Málaga, only 33 years old, committed to the defence of local products, the recovery of earth’s gastronomic roots and authenticity. Born in Fuengirola, where he learnt to love cooking since a young age due to his mother’s influence, a professional in hostelry. In this location he managed to boost, together with his family, his own business project, the Girol restaurant, which received a huge success from critics and was even recommended by the Michelin Guide as BID gourmand. He started his formation with only seventeen years of age at the old restaurant Tragabuche in Ronda, together with the two Michelin Star winner Dani García, to later leave to the mythical Mugariz, to continue his formation.

During this initial period he also came to El Lago in 2013. A relationship that has maintained itself up to his nomination as Executive Chef. He has also learned the best techniques and culinary tendencies in Hacienda Benazuza the Bullí Hotel, with Chef Benito Gomez Becerra, one of the most renowned in Málaga, with his very own project in Ronda, the Bardal restaurant.

Juan José Carmona and all of El Lago’s kitchen staff work intensively together with Director Paco García and with local producers, to keep on evolving and boosting Málaga and Andalucía cuisine to the very top.

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