A young and dynamic team formed by the hostelry school of La Consula in Malaga, who brought up the restaurant to the elite of the Andalusian gastronomy.

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Paco García - Manager

Born in Malaga, he comes from a family long associated with the catering trade. Part of the 2nd promotion of Malaga School of Catering La Consula, this is where he discovered his real vocation for the profession. After completing his studies, he went on t...

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Diego del Río - Master Chef

Born in Ronda in 1975, as a small boy, he felt a great vocation for cooking. After completing his studies as administrative Marbella, he decided to dedicate his time to what he most loved. Diego Studied for Head Chef at Hotel Bellamar School, completing h...

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Maria Jose Aguilar - Maitre

She began her career in catering in Seville where she was born and raised; it was in 2001 when she first got in touch with the El Lago restaurant, combining her studies at La Consula catering school work in the restaurant. After completing her studies she...

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